The internet connects us to the world, but a few people realize its true potential. Other than networking with friends and family, making new friends, and having access to knowledge, one more power the internet provides you is to start your own business.

It is now easy to start and grow your business with the power of the internet by setting up your e-commerce store. A user-friendly website and an engaging mobile app will ensure you reach out to clients worldwide.

Of course, many items can be made and sold online. Combine your business idea with excellent marketing strategies and you are set to go. Here are fifteen of the trending business ideas for you that are easy to make and sell online.

1. Incensed candles

Talk about gifts and the foremost thing that comes to mind is incensed candles! You can gift candles on any occasion- birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. It is easy to learn to make candles and there are thousands of online resources available. You can even follow some social media accounts to know the latest trending designs in candles. Gift it to your near and dear ones and see the orders coming. Start your own business, set up your shop online, and then there’s no looking back.

2. Picture frames

What better way than picture frames to capture and display some of your life’s cherished moments? Custom-frames are selling like hotcakes because people value such items. Make and sell custom picture frames on the internet and you never know when your business idea will turn into a lucrative business.

3. Bath bombs

These tiny bombs can get you the biggest profits. Yes, we are talking about the cute vibrant scented bath bombs. Learn to make these bombs, paint them in bright colors, design with themes, add appealing scents and sell them online on your e-commerce store.

4. Face and body creams

Dig up your grandma’s closet and you may come up with a diary detailing home remedies for beautiful glowing skin. Clean beauty products are becoming increasingly popular. VEGAN, ORGANIC are all trending now and you can cash in on this popularity by creating natural face and body creams. Package these in cute little jars and market them online to people all over the world. Grow your business in no time!

5. Name Plates

Another great item you can make and sell online is nameplates. You can make nameplates from anything, all it needs is loads of creativity to stand out from the rest. Wood, resin, bamboo, and metal nameplates in funky styles, patterns, and colors, and you can convert your small business idea into a full-fledged profitable business.

6. Printed t-shirts

Fun catchphrases and unique design patterns- combine these two and print them on t-shirts. Lo! Start your own business of t-shirts with prints and sell them online. Network, grow your contacts, be active on social media platforms and you will start getting orders in bulk from all over.

7. Chocolates

Irresistible, delicious, lip-smacking- gorging on homemade chocolates can be fun. Chocolates are the most preferred gifting and return gifting item for each and every happy occasion. Learn the nuances of crafting yummy homemade chocolates and deliver them across the globe by taking orders online.

8. Cookies

Take your culinary skills to the next level by baking cookies and cakes. Actually, you can bake a whole range of sweets and savories and pack them off to your customer location. From bread, cheesecakes, cookies to pies, macrons, muffins, bagel, crackers, and doughnuts, you can be a master baker both in your locality and all over the world.

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9. Paintings

Landscape, abstract, portrait, there is a huge scope for paintings of all kinds. People adorn these paintings on the walls of their homes and offices. If you are skilled in painting, try to custom-make these as per the customer requirements. You can sell paintings on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Etsy but having your website will add credibility and give you the freedom to do business on your terms.

10. Art from recycled paper

People are growing more and more aware of using recycled products. You can create beautiful cards, gift packs, ornaments, and sculptures from recycled paper and sell them online. Corporates love to give such items to their clients as they have a social responsibility to do so. Take your shop online and market it to business houses. You never know when one small business idea will take wings and fly high.

11. Essential oil blends

With people stressed at work and in life, what they seek is relaxation therapy. Aromatherapy is the most-sought health benefit that people love to indulge in on weekends or vacations. The wellness industry is on a boom and essential oil for aromatherapy is what you need to sell at this moment for you to start and grow your business

12. Jewelry

Just like dresses and fashion, the internet is filled with people selling jewelry. But there is still demand for unique jewelry. Beads, metal, gemstones, enamel, clay, wire, wax, paper, pearl, shells, resin, ceramic, glass, you have so many materials and types of jewelry that the list is extensive. If you are skilled in any trending or antique jewelry technique, go ahead and start your own business. Rest assured, you will earn handsome profits.

13. Curated gift box

Gift box filled with goodies for every occasion! Sounds interesting, right? If you have an eye for curating gifts, pack them into beautiful boxes and make a business out of it. Goodie bags or gift boxes are in demand everywhere. Startups send their products wrapped in gift boxes to influencers and businesses to try them. Corporates give curated boxes of sweet treats or soaps and oils to their clients. Actually, this business sounds interesting!

14. Soaps

We all need to bathe every day, but what if we made it more enjoyable with handmade natural scented soaps. The homemade soaps are in great demand because they contain less chemicals and are safe for the skin. If you can master the art of soap making, there is a solid market to sell it online.

15. Planters

Plant is the new gifting idea. It gives people a sense of satisfaction of doing something to save the planet. But it is not plants but the planters that are gaining prominence. Why gift plants in simple pots when you can gift them in beautiful planters? From metal planters to ceramic planters, from jute bag planters to glass planters, you can start with a small business idea and expand it online to make it big.


It is a good idea to start your own business online if you are passionate about it. Online business is easy to set up and helps you to reach many customers worldwide than face-to-face techniques.

A website serves as your online e-commerce store to sell products, but a mobile app gives you the power to personalize the customer shopping experiences and grow your business manifold. Now, convert your website into a mobile app using Swipecart. It is easy and fast. You can save tons of money that you would otherwise need to build your mobile app from scratch.

A small business idea has the potential to earn you good money. All you need is a website or a mobile app. Now, you’re ready to go online!