As an online entrepreneur, you’ll always be looking for ways and means to attract new customers and retain existing ones. One such strategy is to reward customers for a specific action and foster long-term customer loyalty.

Incentives act as a motivator for customers to come back to your website and repeat their purchases. And loyalty strategies to retain existing customers always work out to be more cost-effective than acquiring new ones.

If you are able to provide a consistently good user experience through your loyalty program, there is nothing that can stop your customers from coming back to the store.

The WooCommerce Loyalty & Rewards plugins help you create effective loyalty programs and maximize their impact to increase customer engagement. In this article, let’s get you through the 5 best WooCommerce Loyalty & Rewards plugins you can use for your store.

What is a WooCommerce Loyalty & Rewards plugin?

A WooCommerce Loyalty & Rewards plugin is a tool that allows you to implement a structured program to reward customers for their interactions and purchases on your platform. These plugins typically enable you to assign points or rewards to customers when they perform specific actions, such as making purchases, writing reviews, referring friends, or engaging with your website in other ways.

The customers can then redeem the collected points for discounts, coupons, free products, or other exclusive benefits. The main goal of these plugins is to foster customer loyalty, increase engagement, and encourage repeat business, ultimately leading to a stronger and more profitable relationship with your customers.

By offering incentives and personalized rewards, you create a positive shopping experience and encourage customers to keep coming back to your website.

What are the benefits of installing a WooCommerce Loyalty & Rewards plugin for your store?

5 Best WooCommerce Loyalty & Rewards Plugins To Increase Customer Engagement

Ever wondered about the benefits you can get by installing a Loyalty & Rewards plugin for your WordPress store? There are many!

Customer retention

A loyalty & rewards program helps retain existing customers by providing incentives for repeat purchases. Customers are more likely to remain loyal to your store when they can earn rewards and benefits from their interactions.

Customer engagement

Rewarding customers for various actions like purchases, referrals, and reviews enhances customer engagement and interaction with your store. This increased engagement can lead to higher customer satisfaction and stronger relationships.

Repeat business

A well-designed loyalty program encourages customers to come back to your store to redeem their earned rewards. This leads to increased repeat business and higher customer lifetime value.

Brand advocacy

Satisfied customers who benefit from loyalty rewards are more likely to become brand advocates and promote your store to their friends and family, leading to word-of-mouth marketing and organic growth.

Competitive edge

In a competitive market, offering a Loyalty and rewards program sets your store apart from others and can be a deciding factor for customers to choose your store over competitors.

Increased sales

By incentivizing customers with rewards, you can drive sales and boost average order value as customers strive to reach certain reward thresholds.

Data insights

Loyalty programs can provide valuable data and insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing you to tailor your marketing and product strategies accordingly.

Customer feedback

Rewarding customers for leaving reviews encourages feedback and helps you improve your products and services based on customer insights.

Customer acquisition

A well-publicized loyalty program can attract new customers, as people are more likely to choose a store with enticing rewards and benefits.


Through a loyalty program, you can gather data on customer preferences, allowing you to personalize offers and recommendations, leading to a more personalized shopping experience.

A Loyalty & Rewards plugin is a powerful tool for enhancing customer loyalty and increasing sales. It helps you foster a strong and loyal customer base, making it a crucial addition to any WooCommerce store.

As we proceed further, we list the 5 best WooCommerce Loyalty & Rewards plugins that can help you engage customers by rewarding them with points for any desired actions. These points can be redeemed as rewards on future purchases.

1. myCred – Points, Rewards, Gamification, Ranks, Badges & Loyalty Plugin

5 Best WooCommerce Loyalty & Rewards Plugins To Increase Customer Engagement

myCred is a versatile points management system designed for WooCommerce stores, offering an array of customization options tailored to your specific website needs. With myCred, you can effortlessly create rewards, ranks, and badges to incentivize customer engagement.

The plugin automatically rewards customers for various actions, such as logging in or leaving comments, enhancing their shopping experience. To ensure customer privacy, myCred encrypts and grants access to passwords and login IDs. You can set redemption limits to control point usage as per your expectations.

Compatible with WordPress 4.8 and above, myCred's core feature allows easy setup of automatic adjustments, making it a powerful tool to manage rewards and enhance user interactions on your website.

Key features

Minimum redemption points: Users must reach a specific threshold of points before they can redeem rewards.

Admin access: The administrator has the ability to view a customer's accumulated points.

Points customization: Birthday points, referral points, and product price percentages can be adjusted and configured as per the business requirements.

Flexible redemption: Users can select from various services to redeem their earned points.

Points expiry notification: To prevent points from expiring, users receive timely notifications before the expiration date.

User browsing history: An essential browsing history of users is recorded to enhance their browsing experience and tailor offerings to their preferences.


A free version with limited features is available for download in the WordPress plugin repository. The pricing plan for this plugin starts at $149.

2. SUMO Reward Points - WooCommerce Reward System

5 Best WooCommerce Loyalty & Rewards Plugins To Increase Customer Engagement

SUMO Reward Points plugin is a highly popular and comprehensive WooCommerce Loyalty and Rewards solution.

With this feature-rich plugin, you can effortlessly incentivize customer engagement and build loyalty by rewarding them with points for various actions like purchases, reviews, referrals, and more. Customers can redeem these points for discounts or other rewards, ensuring a rewarding shopping experience.

The plugin offers extensive customization options, allowing you to set reward points at the product, category, and global levels. It supports various product types, including subscriptions, and lets you send notifications to users via SMS or email. Other key features include setting point conversion rates, expiry dates, creating bulk gift vouchers, and making manual point adjustments.

Key features

Reward points for actions: Customers earn points for signing up, making purchases, leaving reviews, making referrals, and participating in social promotions.

Customizable reward points: Set reward points at the product, category, and global levels to suit your store's needs.

Extensive shortcodes: Seamlessly integrate the rewards system with your store using flexible shortcodes and customization options.

Points conversion rate: Define the conversion rate for points to ensure a balanced reward structure.

Points expiry date: Set expiry dates for points to encourage timely redemption and engagement.

Bulk gift vouchers: Create and manage bulk gift vouchers to enhance the rewards program’s efficiency.

Manual points adjustment: Have control over reward points by adding or removing them manually when needed.

Reward points for payment gateways: Encourage specific payment methods by offering bonus points.

User notifications: Keep customers informed about their points balance through SMS or email notifications.

Multiple redemption options: Allow customers to redeem points for cash or transfer them to others.

Points redemption limits: Set minimum and maximum limits for points redemption to manage profitability.


This plugin is available in CodeCanyon for a price of $49.

3. YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards

5 Best WooCommerce Loyalty & Rewards Plugins To Increase Customer Engagement

The YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin is an excellent tool to enhance sales and customer loyalty in your WooCommerce shop. This feature-rich plugin allows customers to accumulate points with each purchase and provides you with the means to reward them accordingly.

You can motivate customers by assigning extra points for actions like first-time registration, product reviews, reaching specific spending thresholds, and more. Compatible with WordPress 3.5.1 and above, this plugin empowers you to build lasting relationships with customers through a comprehensive loyalty program.

Key features

Point-based loyalty system: Create a rewarding point system to incentivize customer purchases and foster loyalty.

Role-specific rewards: Limit the reward system to specific user roles for targeted customer incentives.

Product/categories specific points: Set up unique point systems for specific products or categories to cater to different customer preferences.

Manual points adjustment: Store managers can manually modify customer points balances for personalized assistance.

Support for all WooCommerce products: The plugin works seamlessly with all types of WooCommerce products, including variable products.

Order status-based points: Award points upon achieving a specific order status, encouraging customers to complete purchases.

Points expiry management: Set expiry dates for points, motivating customers to utilize their earned points for future purchases.

Notifications & actions: Send notifications to customers for points redemption, expiry, and reward assignment, improving customer engagement.


You can buy this plugin from YI Themes for $139.99 per year.

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4. Bravo - WooCommerce Points and Rewards

5 Best WooCommerce Loyalty & Rewards Plugins To Increase Customer Engagement

The Bravo WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin is a top-notch loyalty program solution designed for WooCommerce stores. This powerful plugin engages customers by rewarding them with points for their purchases, which they can later redeem for exciting rewards on future orders.

With user-friendly features and comprehensive management capabilities, Bravo makes it easy to handle customer points efficiently and encourage repeat purchases.

One potential limitation of this plugin is its compatibility with certain WordPress themes and extensions, necessitating testing and troubleshooting for seamless integration.

Key features

Easy points management: Effortlessly manage customer points, allowing you to keep track of their loyalty rewards.

Flexible reward allocation: Set point limits per product, category, or globally, tailoring rewards to suit your business strategy.

Customer-driven redemption: Enable customers to choose how they want to redeem their earned points, enhancing their shopping experience.

Points expiry date: Set validity periods for points, encouraging timely redemption and engagement.

Refunds point adjustment: Seamlessly remove points for refunded products, ensuring accurate point calculations.

User points import/export: Import and export user points for smoother data management.

Manual points editing: Edit user reward points manually, providing personalized assistance as needed.


This plugin is available for download at the Code Canyon store for $45.

5. WooCommerce Points and Rewards

5 Best WooCommerce Loyalty & Rewards Plugins To Increase Customer Engagement

The WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin is a powerful tool that empowers you to launch a personalized loyalty program, communicate directly with customers, and foster brand loyalty. It enables you to reward your customers for their purchases and positive actions.

The plugin allows you to customize rewards to match your specific needs and set limits on points and discounts for individuals. You can even change the points' names to add a fun element to the customer experience.

The flexibility extends to defining criteria for point allocation based on products or categories, giving you complete control over your reward strategy. With seamless point updates on orders, clients' balances are immediately reflected on their 'My Account' page.

Its exceptional import/export features make it a standout choice, allowing seamless customer point management and boosting overall sales through incentivized actions.

Key features

Customizable rewards: Tailor rewards to align with your business requirements and engage customers effectively.

Points for signups: Offer points to customers upon signing up, encouraging them to become loyal members.

User-friendly point management: Provide customers with simple settings to manage their points balance conveniently.

Limit maximum discount value: Set restrictions on the maximum discount applicable to products, maintaining control over promotions.

Easy access to customer points: Store owners can effortlessly track and manage changes in customer points.

Discount limitation: Manage the amount of discount that can be applied, ensuring reasonable rewards.

Rewards for product reviews: Encourage customer reviews by rewarding them, boosting social proof and brand credibility.


This extension is available in the WooCommerce store for a subscription of $159 per year.

How can having a mobile app for your store enhance your loyalty and rewards program?

Mobile apps offer a more convenient and seamless user experience compared to websites. Customers can access your loyalty program directly from their smartphones, increasing the likelihood of engagement with the rewards and incentives you offer.

Here are some ways a mobile app can benefit your loyalty and rewards program.


Mobile apps allow for more personalized experiences. Use customer data and preferences gathered from the app to tailor rewards and offers specifically for individual users, making the loyalty program more relevant and appealing.

Push notifications

With a mobile app, you can send push notifications to users about new rewards, special offers, and other loyalty program updates. They have higher open rates, ensuring customers are aware of the latest rewards and incentives.

Easy access to rewards

Customers can access their rewards and loyalty points instantly on their mobile apps without having to log in repeatedly. This quick and effortless access increases the chances of customers redeeming their rewards.

Gamification and interactivity

Utilize gamification elements like badges, challenges, and progress tracking in your mobile app, making the loyalty program more fun and interactive. This encourages customers to stay engaged and motivated to earn more rewards.

Offline access

Unlike websites, mobile apps can offer limited functionality even when the user is offline. Your customers can still view their rewards and check their points balance without an internet connection, which adds convenience.

Mobile wallet integration

If your mobile app can integrate with mobile wallets, you can allow customers to store and manage their loyalty cards or points seamlessly. This integration streamlines the redemption process and makes it more accessible.

In-app purchases

Customers can redeem their rewards directly within the app through the in-app purchase feature, making the redemption process more straightforward and efficient.

A mobile app for your WooCommerce store offers a host of advantages for leveraging your loyalty and rewards programs. If you are convinced about having a mobile app for your store, try it on the no-code app builder Swipecart.

This no-code mobile app builder uses a visual interface and a drag-and-drop editor to place pre-coded blocks called widgets inside your app layout. You can customize them to suit your app’s branding. Install plugins and integrations easily to extend the functionality of your app. The Loyalty & Rewards plugin that you install for your WooCommerce store can be utilized on the app to make the strategy stronger and maximize customer engagement!

Wrapping Up

A loyalty & rewards program, when designed and used effectively, can help increase customer engagement for your online business. The 5 best WooCommerce Loyalty & Rewards plugins we have listed here help you in several ways to incentivize repeat purchases and foster customer loyalty.

Build an app for your store on the no-code app builder Swipecart to make your loyalty strategies more effective than ever through personalization, offline access, and in-app purchase techniques. A good loyalty program definitely rewards your customers. But it also rewards you with better profits and revenue for your business. Try it now.