If you're looking for strategies to boost sales for your Woocommerce store, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll share some of the most effective tactics for marketing your store with WooCommerce. We'll also provide information on how creating an app for your WooCommerce store on the no-code app builder Swipecart helps you create a marketing campaign for better sales performance. Let's get started!

Setting up your store with WooCommerce

8 Best Marketing Strategies For WooCommerce

Getting your e-commerce store up and running with WooCommerce is a great way to get started. Having an online store not only boosts your sales but also helps you reach your target audience and communicate with them in the right way. With your store set up on WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin installed for your store, you'll have everything you need to start selling your products online seamlessly.

WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin installed for your store, you'll have everything you need to start selling your products online seamlessly.

As we mentioned above, to get started, you'll first need to install and set up the WooCommerce plugin in your WordPress store. This is a quick process that only takes a few minutes. After that, you'll need to add some products to your store. You can do this by adding each product manually or by uploading your product list in CSV format.

Once your products are added, you'll want to start working on your marketing strategy. This includes creating a strong branding strategy, setting up social media profiles for your store, and creating compelling product descriptions.

With Woocommerce, you have all the tools available to start boosting your store’s visibility, attracting the right traffic, and growing your business.

Creating an effective WooCommerce marketing plan

8 Best Marketing Strategies For WooCommerce

Now that you understand the basics of setting up a WooCommerce store, it's time to create an effective marketing plan. This will help you increase traffic to your store and boost your sales.

Of course, WooCommerce also offers a feature that allows you to create personalized product recommendations based on the user’s browsing history. The feature works with customers’ data in your store so that you don’t have to manually build recommendations. It's an easy way to increase the chance of visitors making a purchase and boost your sales!

In addition, you'll need to create clear and attractive product descriptions, including setting up shipping rates, payment gateways, and return policies. But for the time being, let’s focus on other channels for WooCommerce marketing and explore them here.

Your marketing plan should include all of your marketing channels, including email, SMS, social media marketing, push notifications, mobile app, paid advertising, and remarketing strategies. You should also have a strategy for SEO (search engine optimization) so that your store can rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Creating these marketing plans for your e-commerce store can be overwhelming, but it's essential if you want to succeed.

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1. Optimizing WooCommerce for SEO

8 Best Marketing Strategies For WooCommerce

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to getting your e-commerce store found by potential customers. Thankfully, WooCommerce makes optimizing your store for search engines easy.

Here are 15 easy tips to optimize your WooCommerce product detail pages for improved visibility:

  1. Research relevant keywords using the right tools.

  2. Study your competitors and the keywords they’ve ranked for.

  3. Make a list of short and long-tail keywords.

  4. Use the right keywords in your titles, URLs, and product descriptions.

  5. Make sure your pages are well-structured and easy to navigate.

  6. Optimize your images for search engines, including alt tags.

  7. Add at least one product video to help customers make informed decisions.

  8. You can also add a 360-degree view of products.

  9. You can choose to use AR to help customers visually analyze the products before buying.

  10. Create compelling product descriptions that include your keywords.

  11. Add social share buttons on each product detail page to attract new customers.

  12. Be clear and transparent about your shipping and return policies.

  13. Use social media to promote your products and drive traffic to your store.

  14. Add product page links to your website and blogs.

  15. Monitor your store's search engine rankings and make changes as needed.

The SEO process is not something that you can do once and forget. It is a continuous process. You’ve got to be up-to-date with the latest trends and search engine algorithms to improve your store’s visibility.

2. Leveraging social media and influencers

8 Best Marketing Strategies For WooCommerce

You already know how important it is to have an online presence, but have you given any thought as to how you can utilize social media and influencers to help boost sales? If not, now is the time to get started.

Social media profile optimization

Social media is a great way to reach potential customers. Though there are many social media channels available for promotion, create your business account on channels where your customers are. And again, optimize your social media profiles to gain greater visibility and attract the right followers.

Creative content and consistent posting

Invest some time in creating content that promotes your products, and then use social media platforms to share it. Well, it doesn’t end here. Be consistent in your social marketing posts and increase follower engagement by replying to their queries through DMs or comments. Make use of social media features such as hashtags, user-generated content, polls, trending memes, short video formats, and live streams to engage with potential customers where they are.

Influencer promotion

You can also use influencer marketing to reach larger audiences. Find influencers who match the target audience of your e-commerce store and create partnerships with them where they promote your store and products in creative ways on their channels. You can also collaborate with micro-influencers based on your budget to reach a niche audience. Another popular way to attract customers is to promote a special contest or giveaway. Use influencers to promote this contest on their channels.

All the above social media strategies are a great way to get people talking about your business and will make it easier for customers to find you when they're in need of a product that you sell. Just remember, when partnering with influencers, make sure that the influencers represent values that align with those of your brand—this will help ensure that the partnership will be successful.

3. Push notifications marketing campaign

8 Best Marketing Strategies For WooCommerce

You don't always have to spend money to use WooCommerce for marketing. There are plenty of low-cost methods that you can use to get the word out about your store, and one of them is push notifications. They can be an effective marketing tool for e-commerce stores when used thoughtfully. They enable store owners to reach their customers quickly and with the right message. When done right, push notifications can generate significant returns on investment and provide a great way to engage with customers in real time.

Create a sense of urgency among customers by sending timely alerts about offers and discounts, and make them more likely to take action. You can use it as an opportunity to educate your customers about your products or services by providing relevant information. Abandoned cart notification is also a great way to remind customers of the items left in the cart and bring them back to the store to complete their purchase.

Affordable SMS marketing campaign

8 Best Marketing Strategies For WooCommerce

Similar to push marketing, SMS (short messaging service) marketing is also an effective communication channel to convey time-sensitive messages on offers and new releases. Many of the surveys conducted on SMS marketing show that 90% of customers respond to a text within 30 minutes of receiving it, which means it has excellent open and read rates.

Let’s explore some more reasons why SMS marketing should be a part of your WooCommerce marketing strategy:

  • And the most crucial data found in these surveys is that over 50% of them make a purchase after clicking through a marketing text, improving the CTR.

  • SMS is perfect for two-way communication.

  • It can be combined with email for more detailed information.

  • You can send personalized messages at scale.

In addition, you can automate the SMS workflow on your WooCommerce store to send onboarding, order tracking, order successful, order failed, order receipt, payment received, order delivered, and other transactional messages to increase customer engagement.

5. Email marketing strategy

8 Best Marketing Strategies For WooCommerce

Similar to push notifications and SMS, email marketing is a reliable way to communicate with customers without emptying your pockets.

Encourage customers to subscribe to your newsletter at checkout. Send out personalized mailers using the Woocommerce built-in email tool. This allows you to keep your customers in the loop and make sure they're aware of any new products or deals you may be offering. You can automatically give first-time customers a warm welcome or use their purchase history data to send personalized messages. Again, this is a great tool to set up a series of abandoned cart emails and start recovering lost sales.

It goes without saying that email is crucial for sending transactional details.

Also, different plugins are available on the WooCommerce store. Find the one best suited to fit your business needs. Measure the email statistics generated by the campaign to identify areas for improvement.

By leveraging the power of WooCommerce and these no-cost methods, you can easily start boosting sales for your e-commerce store without breaking the bank!

6. Paid ads for WooCommerce

8 Best Marketing Strategies For WooCommerce

Do you want to reach potential customers quickly so that they discover your brand and offerings? There is no better way than paid ads! But be cautious, if not done properly, they may leave a big dent in your pocket.

Typically, paid marketing is displayed on search engine results pages, associated websites and apps, and social media channels. You select the specific channel and then define the customer base, selecting from a range of criteria ranging from location, search interests, demographics, previous purchases, and pages visited. These types of ads are pay-per-click, meaning you pay only when someone clicks on them. You typically set up the budget, and then the ad runs until it is used up.

WooCommerce has the option of using Google Shopping ads to give your products increased exposure. These Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are ads that appear above search results for product-focused searches. These ads tend to drive more clicks. Another benefit is that these ads can also show up on partner sites across the Google Display Network.

7. Maximizing conversions with remarketing strategies

8 Best Marketing Strategies For WooCommerce

You have a great e-commerce store set up, but what about the people who already visited and left without making a purchase? Remarketing strategies can help you maximize conversions from those visitors. With remarketing, you can create ads that are specifically targeted at users who have already interacted with your website.

For example, if someone visits your site and adds items to their shopping cart but then leaves, you can set up an ad campaign to remind them of the items in their cart and encourage them to complete their purchase. You can also set up campaigns to retarget customers who have made purchases in the past and have them come back for more.

8. Creating a mobile app for your WooCommerce store

8 Best Marketing Strategies For WooCommerce

Look around you, and you’ll find everyone glued to their smartphones! So, it’s no surprise that most of the e-commerce sales come from mobile websites or mobile applications. But having a mobile site isn’t enough. You need to develop a mobile app for your WooCommerce store to maximize your revenue opportunity.

Launching an app for your WooCommerce store is now easier than ever. All you have to do is install the no-code app builder Swipecart on your WooCommerce store, and you can start creating your app without having to code. This plugin is available in the WordPress plugin repository. Its easy-to-use visual interface coupled with the drag-and-drop editor and precoded reusable widgets make it easy to complete designing the app in a few minutes and get it published on the App Store and Play Store.

Marketing becomes easy with Swipecart. How? Let’s explain some of its features that help you with marketing.

  1. Send personalized push notifications to customers to increase app engagement.

  2. Extend the features and functionality of your app with Swipecart plugins.

  3. Integrate your app with more than 50 integration tools to help you with marketing.

  4. Create audience segments to send targeted messages at high-intent moments.

  5. Create automated workflows for all your push notification campaigns.

  6. Use the Studio Mode feature to collaborate with influencers on your app.

  7. Create shoppable Instagram-like galleries and use the Image Hotspot widget to help customers

  8. click on products and redirect them to the product detail view page on your app.

  9. Use the Render View (360) to display a 360-degree view of the product.

App Onboarding, Abandoned Cart Pop Up, Product Recommendation, Back In Stock, Discount Codes, and Swipe Mode are some other plugins available on the no-code app builder Swipecart to market your e-commerce store.


With the right mix of marketing techniques, you can improve your conversion rate and attract potential customers that will continue growing over time. Reach out to your customers in a variety of ways. Find the best approach and continuously improve the strategy. As trends change, your WooCommerce store’s marketing strategies should also evolve.

What do you think about the eight marketing strategies for your WooCommerce store? We recommend trying all of the above, especially the last one. Having a mobile app for your WooCommerce store can be a game-changer!