As an entrepreneur or a manager of a business, you must have come across several instances where you would want certain repetitive tasks to be automated. This not only saves you money but also takes the workload off from your resources. Every resource is valuable and as a frontrunner of a business, you have to take the right measures to utilize your resources in the most effective way.

Best Shopify Automation Apps for E-commerce Store in 2023

With the invention and evolution of automation, it has become quite evident that we can have the machine complete the most repetitive tasks. Studies have also proved that automation has increased overall business productivity and reduced the work stress of employees. When you are running an Ecommerce store, we recommend incorporating automation apps to simplify the work and deliver quick services to customers. In this article, we will list the best automation apps for the most popular Ecommerce platform, Shopify.

About Shopify & Its App Store

Best Shopify Automation Apps for E-commerce Store in 2023

Shopify is the most popular multinational Ecommerce brand based in Ottawa, Canada. It helps small businesses to spread their digital footprints through an easy-to-use shopping platform. This popular Ecommerce store covers everything related to your business. Be it selling products, customer interactions, automation, payments, or campaigns - Shopify has got you covered. It works on a subscription-based model. It means that you have to pay a small amount monthly or annually to use their Ecommerce platform. Depending on the size and requirements of your business, you can choose a suitable plan.

Every day there is some upgrade in the world of technology. To stay up-to-date and improve the user experience, Shopify offers apps along with Ecommerce platforms. They provide two types of apps:

  • Native Apps

  • Third-party Apps

While the Native apps are built and provided by Shopify, the Third-party apps are offered by developers who are not a part of Shopify. They prepare the app and make it available for installation. Some apps are free of cost while some work on subscription-based models.

How to access Shopify’s apps? Shopify has a dedicated App Store using which businesses can add suitable apps for their business. There are several apps serving different purposes. Depending on your user requirement, you can add the most suitable app for your business.

Best Shopify Automation Apps

Best Shopify Automation Apps for E-commerce Store in 2023

Are you looking to install the right apps to automate your workflow? In this section of the article, we’ll cover the best workflow automation apps of Shopify. Workflow automation is where the software or an app takes over the work of the human. It can be any type of automation. It could be sending timely notifications, launching campaigns, and taking over the most basic tasks within your business. This list will give you an idea of the apps and how they can automate your work.

Please note that the apps are listed in no specific order and the main purpose of this article is to guide you in choosing the best automation apps for your Shopify store.

1. Hextom: Workflow Automation

Best Shopify Automation Apps for E-commerce Store in 2023
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviews 141
Pricing Free

About The App:

WA stands for Workflow Automation. It is developed by one of the most popular Shopify app makers, Hextom. Hextom has a complete app bundle serving different purposes of your business. True to its name, the app automates your workflow, particularly, the repetitive tasks. Basically, this app doesn’t restrict itself to automating a particular operation or department, it automates several operations through triggers. One of the noteworthy features of this app is it has automatic fraud detection. This is a great savior for businesses where false orders are placed and they are forced to process the chargeback. Through this app, you can receive a notification when an order is potentially bogus and prevent additional charges.


  • Send timely payment reminders to customers

  • Receive notifications when the products are out-of-stock or less in number

  • Trigger automatic notifications at every step of the order transaction until it is delivered to the doorsteps of your customers

  • Utilize the advanced dashboard where you can track each automated task individually

  • Tag your loyal customers as VIPs, offer selective discounts, and increase the retention rate

  • Get all your tasks done without any coding assistance

2. Outfy - Automate Social Media

Best Shopify Automation Apps for E-commerce Store in 2023
Rating: 4.7/5
Reviews 1244
Pricing Free plan is available along with a 7-day trial period. Apart from this, the app has a three-tiered paid plan.
  • Starter - Costs $15/month. It has the features of the Free plan along with manually creating and posting Collages and GIFs.

  • Pro - Costs $30/month. It has all the features of the Starter plan + automates the posting of your collages and GIFs.

  • Ultimate - Costs $60/month. It has all the features of the Pro plan + automates auto-product video posts and other promotional posts.

About The App:

This app launched in 2015 by Outfy has changed the way you promote your products online. This app is your virtual assistant when it is to handling all your social media handles. In this app, you have to start by connecting your shop first. Then, creates videos, collages, gifs, and other promotional content with Outfy. Once the content is created, you can share them on multiple social media platforms. Outfy does the task for you by automating the posting of your social media posts. Hence, this will save you time and ensure that the posts are available on different social media handles at the right time.


  • Implement a stunning promotional strategy for your different social media handles

  • Prepare content for products, videos, GIFs, collages, and other promotional posts

  • Reach the right audience by generating the right hashtags

  • Automate the process of publishing your posts on social media

  • Save time by creating posts with pre-defined templates

3. Arigato Workflow Automation

Best Shopify Automation Apps for E-commerce Store in 2023
Rating: 4.8/5
Reviews 174
Pricing Absence of free plan. However, you can use the 14-day trial period. Apart from this, the app has a four-level paid plan.
  • Basic - Costs $15/month. It supports “Basic” stores only.

  • Shopify - Costs $25/month. Its services extend only to “Shopify” stores.

  • Advanced - Costs $40/month. It has provisions to support only the “Advanced” stores.

  • Plus - Costs $100/month. It supports “Plus” stores only.

About The App:

Developed by Bonify, Arigato is a powerful automation application that you can use in your Ecommerce store. This app has a rich collection of 100+ pre-built templates that you can effortlessly link to your online store. For instance, if you want to tag a product based on certain criteria, the app has the provision to achieve it. In short, this app covers all the possible automation capabilities that you can incorporate in an online store. Additionally, it also allows you to integrate with other popular third-party apps like Gmail, Google Forms, and many other popular service providers. If you have any second thoughts about your created workflow, you can instantly check its operation directly through the app.


  • Build your workflows through no code or little code to get the job done

  • Set up a complete workflow where you can design a complete sequence of events

  • Schedule your workflows to take place at the scheduled time without much effort

  • Seamless integrations with a number of popular apps across the globe

4. Mechanic

Best Shopify Automation Apps for E-commerce Store in 2023
Rating: 5/5
Reviews 129
Pricing It doesn’t have a free plan or support any trial period. It has a four-tiered paid plan structure.
  • Basic Shopify - Costs $9/month.

  • Shopify - Costs $29/month.

  • Advanced Shopify - Costs $99/month.

  • Shopify Plus - Costs $199/month.

About The App:

Launched in 2018 and developed by Lightward, this app is an amazing automation tool. This app has been powered by Liquid which is the language of Shopify. Isn’t it great? This app lets you automate a number of tasks to an extent where you can create custom functionality and run it on your online store. This app has a vast library that will support you in adding any feature to your online store. The support team is excellent and they will guide you with making almost any feature for your Ecommerce store.


  • Use predefined templates to automate your operations

  • Automate any task or operation with Mechanic’s automation capabilities

  • Eliminate the need for creating a custom application for a specific purpose

  • Hire freelancers to create anything that you want for your store

5. MESA - Workflow Automation

Best Shopify Automation Apps for E-commerce Store in 2023
Rating: 5/5
Reviews 92
Pricing Supports free plan along with a 7-day free trial period. The paid plan comes with a three-tier slab.
  • Hobby - It costs $20/month and supports 5 workflows plus 2,500 automation every month

  • Professional - It costs $75/month and provides 20 workflows plus 10,000 automation every month

  • Business - It costs $300/month and supports unlimited workflows plus 50,000 automation every month

About The App:

MESA was launched in 2019 by ShopPad Inc. This app is an exceptional automation tool where you can automate tasks either through the predefined library or by yourself. Based on your preference, you can create and launch custom workflows instantly. This app lets you connect with multiple apps and determine how they will work together with the help of automation. You can quit thinking about repetitive tasks as the app will manage them for you.


  • Integrate with 17+ apps to manage all tasks related to automation

  • Link to Shopify’s API to manage payload requests with no coding

  • Send options related to products to third-party databases

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How Leveraging Swipecart Helps Business

With mobile stores taking the front seat in terms of doing business, companies have started to invest in mobile apps so that they can acquire customers who normally do shopping through mobile phones. Mobile apps are a large market with huge potential. If you do not have a mobile app for your business, you are missing out on a large customer base. Furthermore, mobile apps have the flexibility that you normally cannot enjoy while using online stores.

Advantages of a mobile app

  • Smooth accessibility from anywhere at any time

  • Stunning display of all the products and collections

  • Quick alerts on any update related to promotions or orders

  • Instant access to previous order history and items in the cart

Swipecart - No code app builder

When you look for a mobile app, your search becomes incomplete unless you come across Swipecart - a no-code app builder that lets you build your complete mobile app with a simple drag-and-drop builder. The end product is a professional mobile app that has an intuitive UI, engaging features, and top-notch facilities.

Best Shopify Automation Apps for E-commerce Store in 2023

Here, is a list of top functionalities supported by Swipecart:

  • Create a complete mobile app without any coding or support from developers

  • Install plugins right away without any additional support - All it takes is one click

  • Integrate your mobile app with several third-party applications without a complex integration process

  • Launch smart campaigns where you can promote your products through influencers

  • Create a trigger-based automated workflow to boost sales and reduce the workload

Wrapping Up

By having the right Automation app along with a mobile app, you can create a powerful Ecommerce store that will help in increasing sales and boost your productivity. When you have all the necessary tools, it becomes effortless to acquire new customers and retain your existing customers.

Do you have any special requirements? Feel free to let us know. We’d be happy to help you!