You cannot blame it on the pandemic. Even before the onset of Covid-19, the brick-and-mortar retail industry has seen Australian brands disappear from shopping centers. They were focused on making their online presence solid. The pandemic has hastened the process. The Australian e-commerce industry grew by a whopping 57% in 2020.

Australia has a lot of potential in e-commerce in the future. Its user penetration is expected to touch 75% in 2022. Recent research by McKinsey shows that 20% of Australians have tried new online shopping websites since the start of 2020. The profitability of e-commerce brands has decreased over the years due to competition and foreign online retailers. However, the cost of creating websites has been reduced because e-commerce platforms now provide everything easily and fast. Shopify is one such website-building platform that has helped merchants in Australia to easily set up their online shops.

Let’s now see some of the important Shopify Statistics for Australia.

Shopify stores in Australia

Year Shopify Stores

Locations with the highest number of Shopify Stores in Australia

In Australia, New South Wales has the highest number of Shopify stores followed by Victoria and Queensland. Among the cities, Melbourne comes first followed by Sydney and Brisbane.

There are about 5,672 Shopify stores operating from the New South Wales region. Of the known locations, around 2,670 Shopify stores have Melbourne as their location.

Top product categories for Shopify stores in Australia

Most of the e-commerce businesses around the world sell apparel and fashion accessories on their website. Australia is no different from the rest of the world and here too, the highest number of Shopify stores sell apparel and fashion products.

  • Stores that sell apparel are the highest in Shopify at around 26%.

  • 16% of the Shopify stores in Australia sell home and garden products.

  • Around 12% of the Shopify stores sell beauty & fitness products.

It is followed by food & drinks and people & society.

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Social media usage by merchants on their Shopify stores in Australia

Australians spend an average of two hours on social media daily. 83% of them have discovered a new product while using the social media platform. It comes as no surprise that Shopify store merchants prioritize integrating social media accounts into their stores. Instagram and Facebook are the most popular for Shopify e-commerce stores followed by Pinterest and YouTube.

  • Around 64% of the Shopify stores in Australia use Instagram

  • Facebook is used by 59% of the Australian Shopify store owners.

  • It is followed by Pinterest with 9,700 store owners using it and another 8,629 using YouTube.

LinkedIn and TikTok are used by less than 2% of the Shopify store owners in Australia.

Top Shopify Apps in Australia

The Shopify App Store has more than 5000 apps for merchants to integrate into their website to enhance the shopping experience of users as well as help the merchants to sell better. In Australia, let’s see the most installed Shopify apps.

  1. Product Reviews

  2. Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

  3. Instafeed-Instagram Feed

  4. Mailchimp: Email Marketing

  5. Shopify Inbox

  6. Product Reviews

  7. Privy- Pop-Ups, Email & SMS

  8. Oberlo- Dropshipping App

  9. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

  10. Customer Privacy

It is evident from the list that Australians go through product reviews before making a purchase. The highest installed app is for product reviews followed by an app for integrating email marketing & SMS on the store. Next is an app for integrating Instagram into the Shopify store.

Shipping partners preferred by Shopify store merchants in Australia

Shopify offers integration of top shipping service solutions into the merchant website. Business owners can opt for any of their preferred shipping partner apps or opt for an aggregator app. The top shipping carrier apps preferred by Shopify stores in Australia are-

  1. Australia Post

  2. USPS

  3. UPS

  4. FedEx

  5. DHL

The other preferred partners are Fastway, Royal Mail, and Aramex. Around 27% of the Shopify stores in Australia prefer to ship products by Australia Post. It forms the vast majority. It is followed by USPS at 1.6% and UPS at 0.9%.

Shopify POS (Point of Sales) for Australia

A study by Shopify found out that even though the Australians shopping online will double post-pandemic, 64% will still prefer to shop from a physical store. Shopify introduced its POS system in Australia in 2021 as a major push to the country’s physical retail space. Keeping up with Shopify’s omnichannel selling, its integrated POS system enables merchants in Australia to accept and process in-person payments while easily managing both online and offline sales.


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