The great majority of retailers do it incorrectly when it is time to launch new items. Most firms either do not contact consumers about new goods, use a waitlist queue, or remind them just after the product is published. Nevertheless, you may increase sales by collecting orders before the release and properly informing them whenever the new item will be distributed.

Pre-ordering is a prominent buying model all across the world. So rather than seeking a deal or shopping online with a returning option, consumers are increasingly ordering things that are only expected to be available in stock. Customers may get their grips on one-of-a-kind things, while businesses can advertise upcoming editions.


The advantages of a successful pre-order campaign

A successful pre-order campaign may give your store various advantages:

You may bring attention to an item before it is introduced: Apple, for instance, performs viral pre-sale promotions months before the actual release to generate excitement about their new items. This creates a sense of urgency in every consumer who desires to be among the first to receive the new goods. Furthermore, pre-orders may be timed to coincide with particular dates or occasions (for instance, you might encourage customers to pre-purchase an item to get before Xmas) and therefore can rapidly become the focal point of a powerful marketing strategy.

You can increase consumer loyalty: When you have a popular product that frequently sells out, pre-orders enable you to continue selling it even if the stock count decreases to zero. Furthermore, you may give exceptional rates to any buyer who pre-orders, making your out-of-stock items more appealing. Some other consideration is that prepayment allows you to retain control over customers as well as prevent people from purchasing the item elsewhere: once a pre-order is placed as well as paid for, the consumer knows they will obtain what they purchased as when it becomes available; all they have to do is be patient.


You can produce cash flow: Because the production process might take weeks or even months. Accepting pre-orders for forthcoming items will provide you with a consistent stream of money to continue raising funding for financing products in development, as well as structuring marketing & advertising campaigns.

You may assess market interest: Pre-ordering is a significant benefit for online vendors since it enables them to gauge client interest in a certain product. If they result in a large number of sales, investment is required to meet customer needs (including pre-orders or orders) and also to prepare ad campaigns.

When should you make pre-order items available?

Pre-order items can enter your store early on (when you don't have any remaining supply) or you can develop a pre-order plan for specific products that have been designated as exclusive. Another option is to have the pre-order triggered automatically when the items are now out of stock.

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How to make your pre-order strategy work?


A pre-order plan is often advised

When introducing a new product to your store: Pre-orders may help you measure interest, collect income while the product is being manufactured, and alert your web users about just the item's awaiting supply.

You must demonstrate dependability and competence by meeting promised delivery dates and telling your clients in advance when there are any difficulties or inconveniences with the delivery process.

When you wish to provide access to exclusive edition goods, a pre-order promotion can be used to promote customer loyalty by providing new or high-demand things before they are made available to the general public. Pre-order items may be advertised through your email list or to club owners, making your VIP consumers feel appreciated.

On things that go out of supply but will be back in stock shortly: If you sell best-selling goods that are currently out of order but you understand you'll have fresh stock soon, pre-ordering can assist you to stop losing prospective consumers and sales. Unlike the traditional "waiting list," in which the user signs up - with no commitment - to be alerted when the item is in stock, pre-ordering with prepaid orders assures you pay for the goods and the consumer does not purchase the item somewhere else.

We highly advise you to refuse to sell a which was before the product if you are unsure about the available date or the goods themselves. Your company's reputation is based on how well you satisfy your customers' expectations concerning their purchases, particularly if you need prepayment.

As a result, while putting a pre-order platform on your e-commerce, you must present your clients with clear information about the whole purchasing process. This includes advising customers of any changes to the anticipated delivery date and providing the option to cancel that which was before with a reimbursement if they do not want to wait for a postponed product.

Provide easy pick-up and delivery alternatives

If you make your items on a constant schedule (for instance, pastries or flower arrangements) and operate a shop, providing the self-pick-up choice is the simplest approach to gathering pre-orders. This can include self-pickup from the shop, contactless pickup, and every other comparable service offered in your business.

In an online store, you may schedule the pickup time to coincide with the moment the goods are ready. You may also provide a timetable for your store. As a result, the client will be notified when their purchase is available for pickup.


Provide a variety of payment options

You may take payments using both online and offline means. The first feature allows your consumers to pay immediately once they click the "pre-order now" button. The other option allows your clients to pay for the item at a later date. Choose solutions that are suitable for either you or your consumers.


Make use of social media to market your products

Include social networks in your promotional campaign if you wish to enhance sales using a pre-ordering plan. Create anticipation by informing your clients via social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that new goods will be available exclusively for pre-orders. It will draw a lot of people to your website.


Talk to your clients

First and foremost, clients should be aware that they are now pre-ordering a product that will not be instantly available. You may advise your clients and help them establish the proper expectations by doing the following:

  • Create pre-order conditions for your online store

  • Provide detailed information on how to place a pre-orderr

  • For pre-order items, use unique labels and brief descriptions

  • Indicate the expected delivery date

You may also send out an extra email campaign informing your loyal consumers about the new goods that are available for pre-order. It will not only assist to draw attention to your business, but it will also help your regular customers or members feel valued.


Wrapping up

The key to achieving success with pre-orders is to aim to meet demand at a high level & deliver service that goes above & beyond expectations. Pre-orders are a hurdle to some extent, but they could also help you grow your brand. Keep your commitments & deliver on time. This is the most effective technique to gain your client's confidence.

Pre-orders frequently allow your consumers to purchase something one-of-a-kind. You may provide a small gift or even a discount code with the purchase to make the transaction more joyful, and the consumers will want to come to your web/app business.

If you are among those who are considering or are about to launch a pre-ordering program in their online shops but are concerned about the technical prowess of this procedure, please contact us via the website's contact page. Swipecart's experts have extensive experience in bespoke software engineering for eCommerce and m-commerce. We will discover a way to bring your company concept to life.