Easy retrieval of data is a crucial part of every business today. At SmartScrapers we help companies to convert any document into a useful database with Optical Character Recognition. We can OCR for you important documents such as Legal documents, Online Products, Medical Records, Bills and Invoices, Warehouse invoices, Insurance claims, and a lot more. OCR Conversion is the process in which software and hardware are used to convert any document into an electronic document.

What is OCR?

Optical Character recognition is the process by which scanned images are converted into electronic texts. OCR enables us to convert any paper document into an electronic document. The digitized texts contribute in searching, indexing and being retrieved in the software. In more simple words, OCR allows us to store manual data into an electronic format. Data is of huge importance in every business today and optical character recognition helps in eliminating all the manual data work and helps convert any important document into a useful database.

How does OCR works

As explained above OCR is a technology that enables you to extract data from an image and different types of documents. It scans and captures the images with the help of a digital camera and converts into editable and searchable data. Let’s try to understand this state of art technology with an example – Suppose, you have got a paper document or any important information that you got in an email format. Of Course a scanner is not enough to get access to edit and restore them. All that a scanner could do is take a snapshot of the document that is collecting whit, black and colour dots which is called a raster image.

If you want to extract data from an image and re-edit the data from scanned documents or image-only PDF then you require an OCR software. Lets now understand what OCR exactly does. It extracts every single letter on the document or scanned image and puts them into words and then into complete sentences and thus it enables us to edit the content of the original document.

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What products can be OCR?

With the help of the advanced OCR technology products such as – Bills, Invoices, Legal documents, Bank cards, Identity cards, details of business cards, medical records, insurance claims, warehouse invoices, online products and much more can be converted in electronic and readable format. Companies can get huge benefits of right text recognition, images recognition for business data management. The OCR technology can also be embedded in different systems.

Generally documents are in an unstructured format, but with OCR services the companies can quickly digitize and extract data from an image and documents such as bills, notes, contracts, and other documents. The technology comes with the latest features that enables it to crop, rotate, enhance image quality and remove spare background to produce better scan results. OCR supports recognition in multiple languages and can recognize fields such as invoice date, material details, quantity and customer order numbers. The extracted data can also be stored into CRM.

With the help of character recognition can recognize multiple types of IDs that includes passports, travel visas, licenses, residence permits and much more. Optical character recognition can help buinessmens to maintain business leads data by extracting content from the business cards with 99.99% accuracy in multiple languages to make your business easier.

What Benefits OCR can bring to You?

The OCR recognized document looks just the same as the original document. It is the latest and advanced technology that eliminates manual work. When manual work is eliminated human error cost is reduced. The technology allows you to save a lot of time and effort. You can scan paper documents, brochures, business cards which can be edited and shared to the colleagues or staff for the appropriate usage.

SmartScrapers- for customized OCR service

SmartScrapers can OCR and extract data from an image, books and magazines and use them for research or creating course material without the need of retyping. If you are a firm and looking to digitize all the clerical manual back office work, SmartScrapers is one of the most professional companies that offers OCR services and can capture for you everything related to documents to banners, posters, timetables or any information according to your purpose.

The complete process of extracting and converting an original document, PDF or images takes less than a minute and the final results are as alike as original. To know more about the services you can connect to SmartScrapers now!