Just as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, LinkedIn is also a social media platform with a huge user base. LinkedIn is a professional business-oriented online services website that shares important information about the business sect. This platform is crafted for people to share their resumes, career history, core experiences, and professional skills that help in making business connections and finding relevant jobs. Briefly, LinkedIn is the world’s largest business-oriented social networking site with 740 Million users in more than 200 countries. LinkedIn operates with a huge amount of data, and its main purpose is professional networking.

Why LinkedIn Data Scraping?

A good LinkedIn profile opens the doors for business opportunities, education, and networks. Many people still undervalue the power of LinkedIn when it comes to brand building. But it’s not so, the big data available over this platform can help you to scale up the business and get priceless insights into your business. But the question is how to extract such big data? If we follow the manual process of downloading the resumes, copy-pasting the information manually it would take lots of time and effort and it would increase the human cost.

This social media platform is packed with limitless data and brands must consider web scraping to extract big data. With LinkedIn Data Scraping enterprises get access to the quality, quantity, and structured data that can be analyzed and used as business leads. Data such as User title, First name, Last name, Birthdate, Email id, Job position, User location, Contact number, LinkedIn URL, User Image, About User and much more can be scraped using a LinkedIn Scraper. LinkedIn can be an important data source for you and your business because it is also one of the most trusted social media in 2019. It is also one of the most popular platforms for B2B marketers.

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Is Scraping LinkedIn legal?

Well, the answer to this question is Yes. The court has ruled that scraping LinkedIn to acquire public data is legal despite the company claims that this violates user’s privacy. LinkedIn Scraping can be highly beneficial for B2B marketers, Recruitment companies, Retail Companies, and many more business sectors according to their needs.

Why LinkedIn Scrapers?

Using LinkedIn scrapers you can extract important information like – Name, Phone, Email, Connections, Country, Regions, Current Company, Current Position, Education, Page source, Reference Number, Source URL, Websites, and much more. If you want to incorporate this data into your business operations, SmartScrapers is a professional data provider company that provides distinctive data solutions to businesses. The data provided is in a user-friendly format like CSV, XLSX, PDF, TXT, and JSON format. The benefit of hiring Web Scraping Services is you get to save a lot of time.

Benefits of LinkedIn Data Scraping

Web Scraping makes sure that you don’t have to manually search for relevant profiles. It also supports both recruiter and premium profiles. By using LinkedIn Data Scraping you don’t have to browse multiple accounts, you can have all this information very quickly and in a well-organized and comprehensive manner. The key feature of Web Scraping LinkedIn is you get all the information of your preference in one place.

A few words

LinkedIn Data Scraping is cost and time effective plus it is very efficient. Web Scraping LinkedIn can deliver key Insights into talent and markets while delivering data simply and intuitively to provide a talent pool and the right insights to your business. SmartScrapers is a data as a service company and ensures maximum benefits for those who are looking for quick data.