Did you know that a staggering 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the purchase is completed? This translates into a significant loss of potential revenue for e-commerce businesses. However, there is a silver lining – with the right tools and strategies, you can recover these abandoned carts and reclaim those lost sales.

Enter WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins! These are powerful tools designed to help you re-engage with customers who have abandoned their carts and entice them to complete their purchases. These plugins integrate seamlessly with your WooCommerce store, allowing you to implement effective cart recovery strategies and boost your sales.

In this blog post, we will dive into the top 10 WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins that have proven to deliver impressive results for businesses of all sizes. From automated email campaigns to personalized offers and advanced tracking, these plugins offer a range of features to help you recover those lost sales and maximize your revenue potential.

But wait, there's more! As a bonus, we'll unveil a must-try plugin that goes beyond abandoned cart recovery, providing additional functionalities to enhance your WooCommerce store's performance and customer experience.

Whether you're a small business owner or an established e-commerce giant, implementing the right abandoned cart recovery strategy can make a substantial difference in your bottom line. So, let's explore the top 10 WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins and unlock the potential to turn those abandoned carts into sales!

What is an abandoned cart?

An abandoned cart refers to a situation in e-commerce where a customer adds products to their online shopping cart but leaves the website or app without completing the purchase.

Why do customers abandon their carts in e-commerce?

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

There has been a lot of debate, surveys, and studies on why customers abandon their carts without completing their purchase. Research shows that about 60 to 80% of the users who go to the checkout page, do not complete their purchase. Even the best-optimized checkout page has an abandonment rate of 20%.

There are several reasons for it, and you have to carefully study and analyze the customer behavior to really understand why they abandon their carts at your store. Some of the main reasons are listed below.

Unexpected Costs

One of the primary reasons for cart abandonment is unexpected costs, such as high shipping fees, taxes, or additional charges that are added during the checkout process. According to a study by the Baymard Institute, 61% of customers abandon their carts due to extra costs.

Complicated Checkout Process

If the checkout process is overly complex, time-consuming, or requires too many steps, customers may abandon their carts out of frustration. A streamlined and user-friendly checkout experience is crucial to minimizing abandonment rates.

Price Comparison and Research

Customers often use the shopping cart to compare prices, gather information, or save items for future reference. They may leave without making a purchase if they find better deals elsewhere or need more time to make a decision.

Payment Security Concerns

Security is a significant factor for customers when making online purchases. If they have concerns about the security of their payment information or the website's trustworthiness, they are more likely to abandon their carts. Providing secure payment options and displaying trust badges can help alleviate these concerns.

Distractions and Interruptions

Distraction by external factors such as phone calls, notifications, or other tasks is also one of the reasons why customers may abandon their carts. They may leave with the intention of returning later but end up forgetting or losing interest.

Website Performance Issues

Slow page loading times, technical glitches, or website errors can frustrate customers and lead to cart abandonment. Ensuring a fast and smooth browsing experience is essential to preventing such issues.

Lack of Guest Checkout

Requiring customers to create an account or go through a lengthy registration process before making a purchase can deter them from completing the transaction. Offering a guest checkout option can help minimize abandonment rates.

Remember, these are just some of the factors. Your store may have a different reason altogether. So, it is up to you to find out the reasons for cart abandonment.

Nevertheless, while any e-commerce store cannot avoid it altogether, there are solutions to recover lost sales due to abandoned carts. One way to do it is by reminding customers about the items left in their cart through personalized emails, push notifications, SMS, popups, and targeted ads. An abandoned cart recovery plugin for your WooCommerce store will help you with this task. An advanced plugin helps you set up a series of emails to keep reminding customers about their abandoned carts and encourage them to complete the purchase through incentives.

But there are hundreds of plugins specific to this, and how do you select the best one?

Points to consider when choosing the best abandoned cart plugin for your WooCommerce store

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Let’s help you here. Consider the following points when choosing the best abandoned cart plugin for your WooCommerce store.


Ensure that the plugin seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce store and provides easy setup and configuration.

Automated Recovery Campaigns

Look for a plugin that offers automated email or notification campaigns to target customers who abandon their carts. Personalization options, such as including abandoned items and offering discounts, can be effective in encouraging customers to return and complete their purchases.

Tracking and Reporting

The plugin should provide comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities, allowing you to monitor cart abandonment rates, email open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. These insights help you assess the effectiveness of your recovery campaigns.

Customization Options

Consider a plugin that allows you to customize the content, design, and timing of your recovery emails to align with your brand and customer preferences.

Multichannel Support

If you want to reach customers through channels beyond email, such as SMS or push notifications, ensure that the plugin supports these functionalities.

Reviews and Ratings

Read reviews and ratings of different abandoned cart plugins to gauge user satisfaction, reliability, and customer support.

Now that you have an idea of how you could go about selecting the best abandoned cart recovery plugin for your WooCommerce store, we’ll make your task a little easier. We have listed the 10 best abandoned cart recovery plugins for WooCommerce. Go through the list to check if any of these can fulfill your business requirements. Read until the end, because we have a surprise must-try plugin featured there. Let’s begin.

1. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Active Installations: 200,000+

The WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin by CartFlows Inc. helps you recover abandoned carts through automated workflows. It captures the email addresses of users on the checkout page. If the purchase is not completed within 15 minutes, it starts sending a series of follow-up emails. You can customize these emails to suit your brand. You can even attach coupon codes or ask for feedback to encourage potential customers to complete the transaction.

The benefit of this plugin is that it is free to download and install. Additionally, it provides you with ready-to-use email templates so that you don’t have to build them from scratch. This plugin has over 200,000 active installations on WordPress, and its support for installation and queries is also good.


  • Schedule an automated series of follow-up emails to recover abandoned carts.

  • Professional email templates are available, so you don’t need to start from scratch.

  • Customize the email template to suit your brand.

  • Address buyers by their names to increase click-through rates.

  • Encourage customers to finish the transaction by providing them with one-of-a-kind, limited-time promo coupons.

  • Send each shopper a unique checkout link that sends them right back to where they left off.

  • Get a detailed report of the progress of your abandoned cart recovery campaign.


This plugin is free to use. But you can subscribe to the CartFlows Starter plan for $79 per year, which includes various other features in addition to abandoned cart recovery.

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2. Mailchimp for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Active Installations: 500,000+

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that provides tools for email marketing, automation, advertising, landing page creation, and much more. It is widely recognized as one of the most popular and user-friendly marketing platforms available. It was quite natural that we included this in the list of the best abandoned cart recovery plugins for WooCommerce.

Mailchimp's abandoned cart recovery feature automatically sends an email to customers who have added items to their cart but did not complete the purchase. This email is triggered based on specific criteria that you set, such as a defined time interval after abandonment.


  • It offers a wide range of pre-designed, customizable email templates optimized for different devices.

  • You can personalize the emails using dynamic content, such as addressing the customer by their name, displaying items left in their cart, and even offering personalized recommendations or discounts.

  • Set up a series of follow-up emails with different messaging and timing to maximize the chances of recovering the abandoned carts.

  • Track metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to measure the effectiveness of your emails.


It is free to use but has restricted features. Its paid plan starts at $2.33 per month but has certain limitations. Buy a plan depending on your store's requirements.

3. Klaviyo

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Active Installations: 30,000+

Similar to Mailchimp, Klaviyo is a unified customer platform that specializes in e-commerce businesses. It offers several features and functionalities, such as setting up email campaigns, SMS communications, and automation to help with abandoned cart recovery.

Klaviyo's specialized focus on e-commerce, combined with its powerful automation and personalization features, makes it a valuable tool for recovering abandoned carts and increasing conversions in online stores.


  • Klaviyo captures the email addresses of potential customers who have added items to the cart but haven’t completed the purchase.

  • It allows you to set up automated abandoned cart email recovery workflows to trigger a series of emails based on the customer’s behavior and time-lapse since abandonment.

  • You can include dynamic content in emails, such as displaying the specific products left in the cart, their images, prices, and any relevant details.

  • It allows you to perform A/B testing for different elements of the emails, such as subject lines, content, and timing, to optimize your email campaign and improve click-through rates.

  • It provides detailed analytics on the performance of your abandoned cart recovery campaigns.


It has a free plan with 500 monthly email sends and 150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits. If your requirements exceed this limit, opt for paid plans that start at $45 per month.

4. Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Active Installations: 30,000+

The Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce plugin by Tyche Softwares helps merchants recover abandoned carts by sending a reminder email within a few minutes after the cart gets abandoned.

This plugin is free but has limited features. To get the full benefit, you can opt to go in with the Pro version, which has many additional features such as capturing the email addresses of customers, generating and tracking coupon codes, and sending automated abandoned cart notifications through Messenger, SMS, and email in a set time interval for better results.


  • The Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce plugin determines if the cart has been abandoned by a guest client or a logged-in customer.

  • You can send a reminder email within a few minutes after the cart is abandoned by the customer.

  • It tracks the percentage of recovery done.

  • It offers abandoned cart templates for quick setup.

  • Access a handy report showing the number of times a product was abandoned and recovered.

  • You may use merge codes to create customized reminder emails.


This plugin is free to use. But if you need more features, you have to subscribe to Tyche Software’s Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce. Its price starts at $149 per year.

5. CartBounty – Save and recover abandoned carts for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Active Installations: 10,000+

This abandoned cart recovery plugin for WooCommerce sends emails to customers reminding them of the products abandoned in their carts. It has features such as analyzing the most popular cart items, sending emails, and using the exit intent popup to remind customers of the items left in the cart.

We recommend upgrading to CartBounty Pro to get access to additional features. It supports integration with third-party tools such as MailChimp, GetResponse, and ActiveCampaign to automate abandoned cart recovery emails.


  • CartBounty saves all shopping cart activity from the moment the customer adds a product to the cart.

  • It notifies the merchant about newly abandoned carts.

  • The merchant can analyze the most popular cart items and view anonymous carts.

  • Send abandoned cart reminders using your WordPress mail server.

  • Use the exit intent popup to remind customers of the cart items before they exit the store.

  • The built-in “Remember checkout fields” feature allows customers to refresh the checkout page after entering their information without losing previously entered data.


This plugin is free to use but offers minimal features. The paid plan is available for $92 for a single site.

6. MWB HubSpot for WooCommerce – CRM, Abandoned Cart, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation & Analytics

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Active Installations: 10,000+

HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing automation platform that provides a range of tools and features to help businesses manage their marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. While HubSpot offers solutions for various aspects of business operations, including sales, customer service, and marketing, it does not directly provide abandoned cart recovery features like some dedicated e-commerce platforms or email marketing tools.

However, if you're using WordPress as your website platform and HubSpot as your CRM and marketing automation platform, you can leverage certain HubSpot features in conjunction with the MWB HubSpot for WooCommerce plugin to aid in abandoned cart recovery. This integration enables you to sync customer data, capture form submissions, and track website activity within HubSpot.


  • Track customer interactions and create contact records for customers who abandoned their carts, storing their email addresses, cart details, and other relevant information.

  • Create custom forms or popups and use them to encourage customers to provide their email addresses before adding items to the cart.

  • Create email sequences to target customers who abandoned their carts and provide incentives to complete the purchase.

  • Segment your customer data based on cart abandonment. Utilize this list to create personalized and targeted email campaigns for cart recovery.

  • Get deep insights into the performance of your email campaigns and track metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.


This plugin is free to use. For businesses with massive data, the paid plan at $49 with one-month support is recommended.

7. Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce, Follow Up Emails, Newsletter Builder & Marketing Automation By FunnelKit

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Active Installations: 10,000+

FunnelKit Automations brings you this incredible plugin to set up effective automation for abandoned cart recovery. You can create emails with a drag-and-drop builder and trigger them based on the set criteria. This plugin gives you cart-related information such as recoverable, recovered, and lost carts.

The FunnelKit Automations Pro offers you much more to recover abandoned carts. It helps you get a deeper understanding of your customers to create targeted automated campaigns to maximize the chances of cart recovery.


  • Capture the cart details live as soon as the user enters the email.

  • Segment users into audience segments like repeat buyers, high-value customers, order values, items in the cart, and the total number of items left in the cart.

  • Create automated campaigns depending on the cart total, the products in the cart, the coupons utilized, and so on.

  • Auto end the automation when a user completes the purchase.

  • Send simple text-based emails with pre-inserted ‘unsubscribe’ text.

  • Add delays to your email sequence in minutes, hours, and days, and communicate with customers at the right time.

  • Intuitive cart abandonment analytics for quick stats of recoverable carts, recovered carts, etc.


FunnelKit Automations Lite is free to install, while the Pro plan is available for $99 per year. Instead, you can opt for a comprehensive plan that includes abandoned carts, workflow automation, integration with Zapier, Twilio, and much more for just $129 per year.

8. Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce by VillaTheme

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Active Installations: 6,000+

Abandoned Cart Recovery is a WooCommerce extension to help you recover unfinished orders in your store. The cart is marked as abandoned after a scheduled time if the customer adds products to the cart but does not make a purchase. This plugin then sends email reminders. You can opt for the premium version to communicate with customers about their abandoned carts through Facebook Messenger and SMS.

The free version serves the basic functionality of sending abandoned cart recovery emails. If you are satisfied with the customer support and its features, consider going for a paid version later.


  • This plugin captures information, such as customer email address, added-to-cart items, cart total, cart status, and IP address.

  • It tracks the abandoned carts of logged-in users and guest users.

  • The abandoned cart list saved in the plugin backend can be viewed anytime. The records provide information about time, username, email, IP address, item quantity, cart total price, item list, status, and reminder logs.

  • Set up email rules to send different recovery emails at different times.

  • Choose if you want to send recovery emails to guests and logged-in users.

  • You can also send emails manually to some select abandoned cart owners.

  • Attach coupons along with recovery emails. The plugin generates unique coupons with the given values.

  • Admin is notified by email when an abandoned cart is recovered.


This plugin is free to download for WooCommerce merchants. The Pro version is also available with premium features for $40. This provides communication through email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and many more features.

9. Email Marketing for WooCommerce by Omnisend

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Active Installations: 5,000+

Omnisend is an email marketing and automation solution that offers robust features and functionalities to help businesses recover abandoned carts and increase conversions.

The Email Marketing for WooCommerce by Omnisend plugin helps you build your email and SMS lists, create automated workflows, design targeted campaigns, manage customer relationships, and track your results. One of the campaigns that you can set up with this plugin is to recover abandoned carts. Engage people through different channels like email, SMS, push notifications, and social media to increase the chances of abandoned cart recovery.


  • Create automated workflows specifically for abandoned cart recovery. Set up a series of personalized emails that are triggered when a customer abandons their cart.

  • Customize the recovery emails and include dynamic content such as product images, names, prices, and discounts.

  • Reach customers through various channels, including email, SMS, push notifications, and social media.

  • Omnisend provides A/B testing capabilities, allowing you to test different elements of your abandoned cart recovery emails.

  • It provides detailed analytics and reporting on the performance of your email campaigns by tracking metrics such as open rates and click-through rates.


The free plan allows you to explore the plugin’s features with a limit on the number of emails, SMS, and web push notifications. You have to opt for a paid plan starting at $16 per month to increase the communication channel limit and contact reach.

10. Creative Mail – Easier WordPress & WooCommerce Email Marketing

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Active Installations: 700,000+

This plugin by Newfold Digital is an intelligent e-mail marketing tool for your WooCommerce store. It collects new contacts from the signup forms. You can access its CRM tool to create abandoned cart recovery email campaigns.

The Creative Mail plugin for WooCommerce leverages pre-assembled, smart content sections to simplify email creation. You can automatically create and optimize abandoned cart recovery campaigns to get customers to click on the link and complete their abandoned cart purchases.


  • Automatically capture contact details of customers from signup forms.

  • Quickly and easily manage the contact list and refine your marketing by adding custom labels to customers.

  • Customize abandoned cart recovery email templates for dynamic content and branding.

  • Utilize the free logo builder and image editing suite to enhance your brand.

  • Set triggers for sending abandoned cart recovery emails by leveraging its “if this, then that” campaign automation engine that responds to a customer’s actions.

  • Create a series of emails and set the time interval and rules for their trigger.

  • Schedule the timing and date of your email marketing initiatives.

  • Get detailed insights into the campaign reports and view metrics, such as opens, bounces, clicks, and more.

  • Access the interactive Mapview to see who’s opening the emails on what devices.


It has a free plan with limited access to features. If you want the automation feature for your abandoned cart recovery campaign, you need to subscribe to its paid plan, which starts from $4.95 per month.

Bonus Plugin- No-code App Builder Swipecart

Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Well, if you are guessing why we have included the no-code app builder Swipecart plugin in the list, we’ll tell you why. This no-code app builder plugin for WooCommerce is basically designed to create an app for your store without fuss. You can build an app for your store without coding using its visual interface, drag-and-drop editor, widgets, plugins, and integration tools to maximize customer engagement. But Swipecart goes beyond just designing an app for your store. You can easily set up an abandoned cart recovery push marketing campaign on it.

The drag-and-drop app builder Swipecart allows you to create audience segments and create automated workflows to trigger a series of push notifications when customers abandon their carts. The push notification on the app has a higher click-through rate than email, thus increasing the chances of reaching out to customers, reminding them of their unfinished purchases, and providing enticing incentives to complete the transaction.

Wrapping Up

So, here are our 10 best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins, plus a bonus must-try plugin- the no-code app builder Swipecart.

So, why let those abandoned carts slip away when you have the tools to reclaim them? Take action today, choose the right WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin that suits your business needs, and watch as your sales soar and customer loyalty strengthens.