We've all encountered those timely popups while browsing websites, aiming to engage us through email communication. Whether it's a form or a friendly reminder, these popups seek your attention and response. Chances are that you have also interacted with these popups.

What is a popup on a website?

10 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins to Boost Sales

A popup on a website refers to a small window or overlay that appears on top of the main content of a webpage. Popups are typically designed to capture the user's attention and display specific information, offers, or calls to action. You can trigger them through various actions such as time delay, user interaction (clicking a button or link), scrolling behavior, or exit intent. Popups can serve a variety of purposes, including collecting email addresses, promoting products or services, displaying important announcements, or providing additional information to the user.

What are the types of popups available for a website?

10 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins to Boost Sales

There are many types of popups available for use on your website. It can be divided by the action, its placement, or its purpose. For instance, the exit-intent popup and the countdown popup are types of popups by action. Now if a popup appears at the header or in the center, as is the case with many popups, then these are the popups based on placement. Next, if you have seen the subscription popups and promo offers, and discount popups, these are the types of popups by purpose. Let’s proceed further and list some of the most popular types of popups here.

Image popup

The image popup type allows you to create visually appealing popups by displaying images or graphics. Whether you want to showcase product images, promotional banners, or captivating visuals, this popup type helps grab visitors' attention and convey your message effectively.

Countdown popup

Countdown popups leverage the power of urgency and scarcity to drive action. By displaying a countdown timer, you create a sense of limited time availability, urging visitors to take immediate action. This type of popup is ideal for promoting limited-time offers, flash sales, event registrations, or any situation where time sensitivity is crucial for conversion.

Exit intent popup

Exit intent popups trigger when a user shows intent to leave your website, such as moving the cursor toward the browser's close button. These popups are a last-ditch effort to retain the user's attention and prevent them from leaving. They can be used to offer special discounts, provide additional information, or entice users to subscribe, helping to decrease bounce rates and increase conversions.

Geotargeting popup

Geotargeting popups allow you to tailor your messages based on the user's geographical location. By detecting a visitor's IP address or geolocation, you can display targeted popups specific to their country, city, or region. This personalization helps deliver relevant content, offers, or local event announcements, enhancing user engagement and conversion rates.

Video popup

Video popups enable you to showcase videos within a popup window, providing an engaging multimedia experience for your visitors. Whether it's a product demonstration, brand story, or tutorial, video popups can effectively capture attention and convey information in a dynamic and visually appealing manner, helping to increase user engagement and conversions.

Subscription popup

Subscription popups focus on growing your mailing list or newsletter subscribers. These popups typically offer incentives, such as exclusive content, discounts, or freebies, in exchange for visitors' email addresses. By capturing leads through subscription popups, you can nurture them with targeted email marketing campaigns, ultimately driving conversions and fostering long-term customer relationships.

Social share popup

Social share popups encourage users to share specific content from your website on their social media platforms. You can encourage visitors to spread the word about your products or brand by adding like and share buttons to your popups. This type of popup helps increase social engagement, drive traffic, and expand your online reach through user-generated content sharing.

CTA popup

CTA (Call-to-Action) popups are designed to guide visitors toward a specific action or goal. Whether it's making a purchase, signing up for a webinar, downloading a resource, or taking a survey, CTA popups feature prominent buttons or forms that prompt users to take immediate action.

Inline sticky popups

An inline sticky popup, also known as a sticky floating bar, is a small window within a webpage that remains visible at the top or bottom of the screen while the user scrolls. It effectively captures attention and promotes user engagement with targeted content or offers.

Click popups

Click pop-ups get triggered by user actions like clicking a link, image, or word, making them less intrusive and more user-friendly. They provide relevant information without pressuring users, creating a comfortable and safe browsing experience, and can even serve as an alternative to landing pages without affecting website conversion rates.

Now that you are aware of some of the popup types, let’s begin listing the 10 best WooCommerce popup plugins.

What is a WooCommerce popup plugin?

A WooCommerce popup plugin is a software extension or tool that can be added to your website to create and manage popups. These plugins offer features and functionalities to design, customize, and control the behavior of popups on a website. They typically provide a user-friendly interface with options to define trigger events, create visually appealing designs, set display rules, and track performance metrics. And what are its benefits? These popup plugins are commonly used for lead generation, promoting offers, capturing user attention, and enhancing website engagement..

So, here are the 10 best WooCommerce popup plugins to boost sales.

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(Popup Builder by OptinMonster – WordPress Popups for Optins, Email Newsletters and Lead Generation)

10 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins to Boost Sales

Active Installations: 1+ million

OptinMonster is a well-known lead-generation plugin that helps you in lead generation, increase your sales and grow your email list. It offers a variety of campaign types, including popups, floating bars, fullscreen takeovers, and sidebar widgets. You can also use OptinMonster to create custom forms and surveys.

The OptinMonster plugin allows you to create and manage your campaigns from your WordPress dashboard. It also gives you access to additional targeting options, such as the ability to target campaigns to specific posts, pages, categories, tags, products, and custom post types.


  • Create popups easily using the drag-and-drop popup maker.

  • Choose from a variety of templates for different purposes.

  • Select from a range of popups, such as lightbox popups, floating bar popups, slide-in popups, fullscreen welcome mats, gamified spin-a-wheel popups, inline signup forms, sidebar subscribe forms, content locker popups, yes/no popups, mobile popups, and more.

  • Use the exit-intent popup to help convert abandoning visitors into customers.

  • Create A/B popup campaigns to see which one performs better.

  • Its smart targeting feature allows you to show your popups to specific visitors based on their location, device, or other criteria.

  • Schedule popups to show only at a certain time and date.

  • It tracks your conversions, so you can see how your campaigns are performing.


This plugin offers a 14-day free trial for its paid plans, which start at $19 per month.

2. MailOptin

(Popup, Optin Form & Email Newsletters for Mailchimp, HubSpot, AWeber – MailOptin)

10 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins to Boost Sales

Active Installations: 30,000+

MailOptin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create beautiful popups, slide-ins, and other lead-generation forms. It also integrates with popular email marketing services like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and AWeber, so you can easily add new subscribers to your mailing list.

This plugin helps you create popups and forms for user registration, subscription, and sending email newsletters.


  • Create a range of popups for lead generation and email newsletters.

  • Use multiple display options for your popups, like lightbox popup, notification bar, slide-in, slidebar, embedded, and others.

  • Send automated new post notifications to subscribers.

  • Select email triggers based on categories, tags, and custom taxonomies.

  • Access built-in analytics to make better data-driven decisions.

  • Use the A/B testing tool to see what resonates with people better.

  • Send automated emails based on where shoppers are in the customer journey.

  • Create targeted campaigns based on page-level targeting, time on site, page views, and pre-set scroll triggers.


he basic paid plan starts at $99 per year but includes only lead generation. If you want email automation and newsletters, you will have to switch to its Pro plan for $249 per year.

3.Popup Maker

(Popup Maker – Popup for opt-ins, lead gen, & more)

10 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins to Boost Sales

Active Installations: 700,000+

Popup Maker is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create beautiful, high-converting popups, floating bars, slide-ins, and other lead-generation forms. With Popup Maker, you can show the right message to the right person at the right time, increasing your chances of converting visitors into subscribers and customers.


  • Create a range of popups, such as email opt-in popups, content upgrade popups, lead generation popups, contact form popups, and WooCommerce upsell and cross-sell popups.

  • Create multiple ways to trigger a popup, including an exit-intent popup, a scroll trigger popup, and a form submission popup.

  • Create popups easily with the drag-and-drop popup builder or choose from a variety of templates.

  • Target specific sets of users with new conditions, such as showing a popup only to visitors from a certain site, to someone who has viewed X pages, to someone who has been on your site for X minutes, and so on.

  • Set geotargeting popup triggers to show popups only to visitors from certain countries or regions.

  • Disable the close buttons on popups to create forced interactions for website visitors

  • Schedule your popups based on start date, end date, date range, chosen dates, and office hours. You can also add multiple schedules and schedule them by local time or server time.

  • Get detailed insights into popup impressions and conversions


The paid plan for Popup Maker starts at $87 per year.

4.Popup Builder

(Popup Builder – Create highly converting, mobile friendly marketing popups by Looking Forward Software Incorporated.)

10 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins to Boost Sales

Active Installations: 200,000+

Popup Builder is the ultimate WordPress solution for creating effective and customizable popups. With various types, conditions, and events available, you can create engaging popups to boost conversions and sales to achieve your marketing goals. This plugin offers custom JS/CSS coding options, ensuring unique and fully customizable popups.


  • Select from various types of popups for all occasions, such as image popups, Facebook popups, HTML popups, subscription popups, video popups, web push notification popups, exit-intent popups, login popups, and more.

  • Use geographic segmentation, demographics, and user activity to target your customer persona.

  • Fully customizable popups, including background, border, overlay, text, and color.

  • Expand your mailing list, generate leads, and execute tailored email marketing campaigns.

  • Ensure mobile-friendly and responsive popups across all devices.

  • Enhance interactivity and desirability by displaying popups on text hover or click events.

  • Maintain a seamless user experience with scrollable call-to-action floating buttons.

  • Boost social engagement by integrating Facebook like and share buttons to encourage content sharing on your website.


This plugin charges a fee based on the popup types you choose. For instance, a web push notification popup costs $29 per year, a social popup costs $19 per year, and so on. You select and pay for these extensions individually.


(Hustle – Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Optins, Popups by WPMU DEV)

10 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins to Boost Sales

Active Installations: 100,000+

Hustle is a great WooCommerce popup plugin for lead generation and growing your email subscriber list. Engage your audience with popups, opt-ins, slide-ins, widgets, and shortcodes, ensuring your message reaches every corner of your site. Set up captivating opt-in forms effortlessly and create stunning popups using Hustle’s curated designer templates. It empowers you to build a devoted social following through its diverse social sharing capabilities.


  • It offers a range of pre-designed templates for a number of use cases, such as a newsletter signup, a Black Friday giveaway, a Contact Us form, and so on.

  • Customize the templates for colors, animations, layouts, drop shadows, and display conditions.

  • Make granular adjustments for margins, padding, borders, container sizing, and more.

  • Set up intelligent conditions such as specific pages and posts, source of page visits, post registration, visitor by country/device, etc.

  • Set up a range of behavior triggers for popups, such as exit intent, time and page, and scrolling.

  • Schedule exactly when you want your popups to deploy by setting start and end dates, specific days of the week, a certain time of day, or a custom time zone

  • Easily set up automated email messages.

  • Use floating social, widgets, and shortcodes to add social icons to your website.

  • Measure performance and results with insightful charts for a visual representation.


It has a free version with limited features. Its Pro plan is available for $5 per month with a 7-day free trial.

6.Popup Anything

(Popup Anything – A Marketing Popup and Lead Generation Conversions)

10 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins to Boost Sales

Active Installations: 50,000+

Introducing Popup Anything, the ultimate WooCommerce popup plugin for effective popups that ensure your customers don't leave your site without responding to your offerings. With Popup Anything, you can effortlessly capture more email subscribers, boost sales, and unlock the growth potential of your business. It's the secret to achieving high conversion rates and propelling your business to new heights.


  • Create a popup in minutes with its 9 positions and 7 effects.

  • Customize granular details as per your need without the need for coding.

  • Select from 10+ popup types, including page load popups, inactivity popups, exit intent popups, bar popups, push notification popups, Adblocker popups, and many more.

  • Select the popup visibility criteria for users.

  • Select the display device option.

  • Set the cookie expiry time to select the display criteria, such as how many times per browser session, each page load, etc.

  • Enable an A/B testing campaign to test the effectiveness of the popup.

  • Get popup impressions or click data in your database


A free version is available with limited features. You can either subscribe to its Pro plan for extended features or its Bundle plan, which includes this plugin and others.


(Sumo – Boost Conversion and Sales by SumoMe)

10 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins to Boost Sales

Active Installations: 50,000+

Sumo, a leading WordPress plugin, is the ultimate solution to grow your email list, increase conversions, and generate more sales. One of Sumo's standout features is its ability to grow your email list effectively. By strategically placing timed popups across your site, Sumo captures the attention of your visitors and encourages them to subscribe.

With its powerful email marketing capabilities, you can schedule one-off marketing emails or create engaging email drips to communicate with your subscribers. Recovering customers who abandon their carts becomes effortless, as Sumo provides you with the tools to win them back and increase your average order value. Every interaction and transaction is tracked, enabling you to measure the ROI of every email subscriber and sale you make.


  • Use the opt-in form to grow your email list by collecting email addresses

  • Send a welcome email to your subscribers as they join your email list.

  • Set up email campaigns with advanced email integrations.

  • Add share buttons to your website to let visitors share the page and blog content on their social networks.

  • Reduce cart abandonment by displaying popups to remind customers of the items left in the cart

  • Set triggers for popup display and customize the look of the popup.

  • Create A/B testing popups to see which is more effective.

  • Set advanced visitor targeting conditions for the popup display.

  • Get in-depth insights into the impressions of popups and email metrics


A free plan is available on WordPress. If you need email campaign features, you’ll have to switch to the paid plan, which starts at $39 per month.

8.Icegram Engage

(Icegram Engage – The Best WordPress Popup, Optin, CTA and Lead Generation Plugin)

10 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins to Boost Sales

Active Installations: 30,000+

Icegram Engage is a complete package if you are planning to lure visitors to your website to turn into customers through lead generation and email marketing. You can build popups to make important announcements, show hyper-targeted, personalized offers, give discount coupons, take feedback, run giveaways and contests, promote social media pages, welcome visitors, and much more. There is much you can create through customizable popups to increase conversions and sales.


  • Select from 12 high-converting message styles and 100+ themes.

  • Create well-designed and non-intrusive popups and on-site messages.

  • Use customization tools like the color picker, animations, and form positions to edit your popup’s look and position.

  • Use targeting options to display your popup on a specific page, on a particular day, for targeted geolocation, on specific devices, and more.

  • Get detailed reporting on views, clicks, and conversions for every campaign and each message.

  • Run A/B split tests to experiment with different message types.


You can download this plugin for free. But if you want to access its premium features, you have to subscribe to its paid plan, which starts at $129 per year.


(Pop ups, WordPress Exit Intent Popup, Email Pop Up, Lightbox Pop Up, Spin the Wheel, Contact Form Builder – Poptin)

10 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins to Boost Sales

Active Installations: 20,000+

Poptin is a powerful plugin that allows you to create stunning popups, contact forms, opt-ins, lightbox popups, and notification bars in under 2 minutes. It offers advanced targeting rules, including exit intent popup technology, to effectively convert visitors into leads, subscribers, and sales. With Poptin, you can track visitor behavior, display the right message at the right time, improve conversion rates, increase engagement, and recover abandoned website and cart visitors using various triggers and exit offers.


  • Create popups to increase visitor engagement through surveys, feedback, giveaways, offers, and contests.

  • Get more email subscribers using opt-ins displayed at the right moment.

  • Serve popups based on visitor behavior on the website to improve conversion rates

  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment by reminding customers of items left in the cart.

  • Select from a range of popup types such as Lightbox, Floating bar, full screen, slide-in, big sidebar, and social widgets.

  • Collect high-quality leads with email forms, contact forms, advanced forms, and call-to-action.

  • Send coupons, download links, welcome emails, and thank-you emails to new subscribers automatically.

  • Set display rules for popups based on visitor interactions, location, traffic source, days and hours, pages, and more.

  • Create A/B testing popups to compare timing, interactions, triggers, and templates.


The free plan on WordPress is restricted to 1,000 visitors per month. Switch to the paid plan that starts at $20 per month if you want to increase the visitor limit.


(Boxzilla by ibercode)

10 Best WooCommerce Popup Plugins to Boost Sales

Active Installations: 30,000+

Boxzilla is a versatile plugin designed specifically for WordPress websites, enabling users to incorporate attractive pop-up or slide-in boxes. With this plugin, you have the flexibility to determine when and how these boxes appear, whether through sliding or fading effects. Additionally, you can personalize the content within these boxes, tailoring it to meet your specific needs and preferences.


  • With the box editor, you can input various content types, from text to HTML and shortcodes supported by third-party plugins.

  • Customize the appearance of the box effortlessly through an intuitive interface.

  • Prompt visitors to take specific actions at precisely the desired moment using Boxzilla.

  • Create exit intent popups to trigger when a visitor intends to leave your site.

  • Set time triggers for the popup to display when a visitor has spent a certain amount of time on the site.

  • Allow the popups to trigger after a certain number of page views.

  • Load the popup if the current date matches a certain date range.

  • Measure the performance of the popups with simple statistics.


This plugin is free for WordPress users but doesn’t have premium add-ons. Its paid plan starts at $48 per year, inclusive of the add-ons.

A mobile app for lead generation through popups

A popup on a website is great. It helps you with lead generation and growing your email subscriber list. But do you know that a mobile app for your store can help you streamline the process and get higher engagement? Let’s see how.

Enhanced user experience

Popups within mobile apps can be designed to match the app's interface, providing a cohesive and visually appealing experience for users.

Higher engagement

Mobile apps tend to have a higher engagement rate than websites. By effectively integrating the popups into the app, you can capture users' attention more effectively and encourage them to take desired actions such as subscribing to newsletters, completing forms, or making purchases.

Personalized Targeting

Mobile apps often have access to user-specific data such as location, behavior patterns, and preferences. This enables you to create highly targeted and personalized popups tailored to individual users, increasing the chances of lead conversion.

Push notifications

In addition to popups, mobile apps can leverage push notifications to deliver targeted messages directly to users' devices. These notifications can complement the popup strategy, helping to re-engage users, promote special offers, and drive lead generation.

Offline capabilities

Unlike websites that rely on an internet connection, mobile apps can offer offline functionality. This means that even when users are not connected to the internet, you can still display popups within the app, allowing for continuous lead generation opportunities.

Isn’t it great when a mobile app can offer you far more benefits than a website? So why not make use of this opportunity to increase engagement and create an app for your WooCommerce store? How? No worries. We’ve got you covered. Use the no-code app builder Swipecart to create an amazing app for your store in minutes.

The no-code app builder Swipecart uses a visual interface, a drag-and-drop editor, and pre-coded blocks called widgets to help you build your app. It’s easy and fast. Once you have your app published, you can easily integrate any of these WooCommerce popup plugins into your app, offering you the unique advantage of lead generation!

End Note

So, this is our recommended list of the 10 best WooCommerce popup plugins to boost sales. These plugins enable you to promote offers, capture leads, and engage customers in a highly targeted and effective manner.

Whether you're focused on growing your email list, increasing sales, or improving the overall user experience, investing in an app for your store can be a valuable asset for your online business. Choose the no-code app builder Swipecart to create an app for your WooCommerce store.

Integrate any of these 10 best popup plugins and watch as your conversion rates soar and customer engagement reaches new heights.