According to reports, the number of companies expanding their market seems to be ever-increasing like never before. Though COVID had caused endless sorrow and loss of lives that can never be replaced, it has also changed the way businesses operate. COVID has pushed businesses to move digital as there were a lot of restrictions in terms of operating in the real world. This has introduced businesses (of all sizes) to new opportunities and customer bases. In short, businesses attained global presence through digitalization.

However, they faced two setbacks while moving globally,

  • Language Barriers

  • Payment Crisis

To break language barriers, many companies started using language translators to detect the customer’s location through geolocation and translate their webpage to regional languages through AI translators.

If you run your eCommerce store through Shopify, then we have the perfect guide for you. The Shopify app store has several language translator apps that you can effortlessly integrate with your online store. It is essential to find the right language translator app rather than finding the perfect app.

Best Shopify Language Translation Apps In 2023

We have got you covered. Below, we have prepared an extensive list of the top 5 Shopify Language Translation apps your business needs in 2023.

Shopify Translate & Adapt

Our list of best Shopify language translation apps for 2023 remains incomplete without this native app of Shopify - Shopify Translate & Adapt. It is an excellent tool that your online store needs to expand its market globally. This easy-to-use app empowers businesses to decide on the resources they want to translate and how they want to translate. The users of this app can simply select the language, choose the content and translate it into the desired language.

Best Shopify Language Translation Apps In 2023

Translating the content of your online store is easy with Shopify Translate & Adapt app. While allowing businesses to convert the store content automatically, it also lets you manually make the changes. True to its name, you can translate the language and adapt it to meet the cultural and regional relevance of your markets. You can also create seasonal content depending on the region where your customers are from.

I like the side-by-side editor of this app that allows users to review and make changes to the translations. With Google’s translation facility, you can convert up to two languages at zero cost. However, this app doesn’t translate content from third-party apps, tags, URLs, and product images.

Thoughts On UI

To allow your customers to choose their preferred language, you have to add the language selector option from your theme. It is not provided by Shopify Translate & Adapt app.


  • Use the side-by-side editor to review and revise your translated content.

  • Change the content to suit the variations between different markets.

  • Customize the entire store or just a section of your store.

  • Localize the store content using the Shopify admin.


Shopify Translate & Adapt app is available free of cost. You need not spend extra costs to integrate language translation features into your online store. If you are satisfied with what this app offers, you can integrate it without any second thoughts. Remember, it is a Shopify native app - there is always room for updates.

2. T Lab ‑ AI Language Translate

A native Shopify app, T Lab - AI Language Translator serves the dual purpose of translating languages and converting currencies. Since we are covering language translation apps in this article, we’ll dive deep into the language translation facility of this app. The prime reason for this app to feature in our list is it has several features that reduce your workload and automate the operations of your app.

Best Shopify Language Translation Apps In 2023

Firstly, this app functions in both web stores and mobile stores. You can integrate them without any doubts as they are user-friendly. The app automatically detects the preferred language of your customers and displays the page in their preferred language. This language translation is carried out automatically. But, you also have the choice to manually add the file with the converted texts.

What I liked about the app is it creates distinct URLs for each translated page. This includes the Meta Tags, ALT Tags, Href Tags, and images. All the translated URLs are indexed and ranked by the search engines.

Thoughts On UI

This app enables businesses to choose the theme of their language converter. Your customers can use the switcher to switch to preferred languages automatically.


  • Incorporated with Google’s Neural Machine Translations to convert the languages automatically and manually.

  • Display different images for different translated pages.

  • Translate apps or extensions built by third-party providers.

  • Enable the buyers to check out and buy at local prices.


The app has a free plan that contains basic features like AI translations and manual translations. In addition, the paid plans are Pro, Business, and Premium. Depending on the features required and your budgetary constraints, purchase the most suitable plan for your business.

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3. Transcy - AI Language Translate

Developed by OneCommerce, Transcy has a star rating of 4.9 stars in Shopify that has been reviewed by more than 5,000 customers. This app was launched in 2020 and in a span of three years, it has made a difference in the market with its translation features. Along with this, they also offer currency converters making this app your to-go option to deliver a complete native shopping experience to your customers.

Best Shopify Language Translation Apps In 2023

Transcy is a true language translator app as it translates everything in your online store. It doesn’t restrict to the marketing content or product details, this app converts the product images and reviews according to the native language of the visitors. It automatically translates the language using Google APIs and Shopify APIs. Hence, you can need not worry about the accuracy. In case of any small changes, you can simply modify them in real time.

Unlike the normal apps in the market that requires users to retranslate everything from the start while updating the content, Transcy lets you add new content and translate only the newly added section without disrupting the existing flow. Isn’t that a time saver?

Thoughts On UI

This application has a language and currency switcher that adapts to your theme in your web store and mobile app. You can set the theme to meet your brand’s identity.


  • Translate unlimited words at a time without any limits.

  • Auto-convert the languages on all pages of your online store.

  • Use the editor to make alterations to the converted content.

  • Translate meta tags like keywords, descriptions, and microdata for better SEO visibility.

  • Allows third-party app translations within the Shopify domain.


The app offers a 14-day free trial period to have a run over all the features. Post that, you can move to the free plan or any of the paid plans - Basic ($11.90/month), Growth ($29.90/month), and Premium ($59.90/month) depending on your budget and feature requirements. Please note the number of languages allowed for translation increases as you go for higher-end plans.

4. ETranslate: Language Translate

Trusted by 10,000+ brands across the globe, ETranslate has changed the way businesses display and sell their products globally. It is a pretty cool app that uses Shopify’s translate API to help translate the content in your online store. Unlike the previous apps that we have seen in the list, this app doesn’t use Google Translate API. It is also quite economical when you compare it with other apps offering the same features.

Best Shopify Language Translation Apps In 2023

ETranslate is a reliable application as it translates your default language into the native language of customers using geolocation facilities. This language translation takes place automatically. You can add the desired languages from its language library and publish them on your store for the conversion to begin. This language conversion applies not just to the online store but also extends to boost your SEO capabilities.

Honestly, this app is straightforward about what they offer. They don’t mince around with words and are clear about what they are bringing to the plate. This is a good characteristic considering there are several app builders that market exorbitant features but do not deliver the promised features.

Thoughts On UI

The UI is simple and doesn’t hold any complicated workflows. It offers a language switcher that you can add to your online store to allow customers to switch to their desired language and currency


  • Supports 150+ languages and currencies in one app.

  • Offers multilingual SEO optimization with separate URLs for each language.

  • Use the AI translator to convert the default store language based on geolocation.

  • Provides auto-update and page element translation.


The app has a 7-day free trial where you can walk around all the features offered. Post that, you can choose to continue with the free plan or else switch to paid plans. Depending on the plan you choose, the bandwidth of your features changes. Also, the number of languages you can convert also changes as you upgrade the plan.

5. Language Translate - Langwill

If you already have an effective currency converter in place and you are looking for an efficient language translation app, you should definitely give Langwill app a try. This app has excellent features that will assist your team in expanding your global footprint. It is your reliable partner when you are dealing with language translation. It is the perfect solution for the localization of your Shopify stores without any unreasonable costs or complicated setup. It requires zero coding skills.

Best Shopify Language Translation Apps In 2023

Similar to other apps in our featured list, Langwill empowers businesses to reach global audiences through automatic language conversion. They use AI-powered translation tools to deliver exceptional translation with the capability to manually alter content that is not accurate in terms of regional and cultural preferences. This app also automatically changes the language of the online store depending on the language of the browser.

This app has a language context recognition feature that checks whether the content translated is relevant to the actual content provided using the default language. Also, the pages translated are automatically mapped to the relevant pages providing an engaging user experience to the customers.

Thoughts On UI

The app offers a customizable language switcher with different variants. Depending on the theme of your online store, you can choose the ideal variant and embed it into your store’s theme.


  • Use the AI translator tool to convert into multiple languages on the go.

  • Provide a comprehensive user interface with error-free translations.

  • Make the most of the premium support available round the clock.


This app doesn’t offer any trial period. However, it has a free plan. You can try that plan prior to going for any paid plans. Through the free plan, you will be able to judge the capabilities and understand if this app is the right choice for your business. If you are not convinced, you can also try their demo store in Shopify before actually signing up for the app.

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Best Shopify Language Translation Apps In 2023

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